March 3rd, 2008

iAm iSaid

Who Watches the Watchless?

Slight annoyance: I have no watch handy.

First my newest watch -- an actual pocketwatch -- lost power. (Answering the question Mom's gonna ask: Yes, it has a battery and is not a wind-up.) And sometime over the weekend, my backup watch -- which is almost nothing but the watch face, as the band got shredded and trimmed long ago -- has gone missing.

I'll ask where I bought it, because I have no way of determining where the battery is in it. Meanwhile, I'm surprisingly missing having a watch.

With Johnny Williams and His Big Band!

Found by curt_holman: imagine if Star Wars came out in the early Sixties and Saul Bass did the opening credits:

Slight irregularities to it: I noticed a Return of the Jedi character, and someone in the YouTube comments pointed out that it would've been neat if John Williams had been credited as his Sixties self Johnny Williams -- but for me, the amusement overcomes 'em!
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