March 16th, 2008

Whale fluke

Attack with Satire!!!!!

Another reason I love reading apocalypsos? It's her response to SUP's suspected censoring of LJ interests:
What I find really amusing about SUP's censoring of LJ interests is that it doesn't actually eliminate discussion of any of the topics or fanfiction or talk about boys making out, it just hides it from public consumption.

Which is great, because when advertisers and new customers sign up, it'll be a lot like showing up at a family-friendly chain restaurant -- you know, the kind with old board games and metal lunch boxes with old TV show pictures on the front -- ordering your fancy cheeseburger, and getting comfortable. And then when Mom gets up to run to the bathroom, she takes a wrong turn in the back and stumbled onto a big gay orgy with ten naked college boys, two teenage girls in Japanese school uniforms, a monkey, a guy in a furry costume, something with tentacles, a pregnant Captain Jack Harkness, three gimps in full leather attire, a rack, seven pink dildos, a barrel full of lube, and the Scissors Sisters playing on the stereo.

Which means that either Mom goes back to the management and demands their money back, or she takes one look at the scene in question and says, "Hey, is that cherry-flavored lube? I love cherry-flavored lube! Hold on, I'll go get my husband! And maybe Grandma!"
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Not everything needs a TV version

Here's a thought I had while reading and enjoying Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential: "Dude, who actually thought this could be made into a TV sitcom? This one section alone mentions drugs, blowjobs and machine guns."

I'd previously read that Onion A.V. Club interview with Bourdain, where he mentioned that he didn't put much stock in the attempt to dramatize his book:
Better writers than me have been smashed on the wheel when their work went out to Hollywood. Unlike me, they drank the Kool-Aid. So when people were telling me all along that it was going to be a David Fincher picture and star Brad Pitt, I never believed it. I always figured it would be a David Hasselhoff vehicle or something. So in the end, I was happy to see a reasonably entertaining half-hour sitcom about some smart people. Like I said, it was over fast. I feel a sense of relief that I emerged unscathed from the experience.
I'm amused by the idea of Fincher and Pitt doing a film version; did whoever floated that idea just think of the restaurant stuff in Fight Club? At least Bourdain got paid, and I don't begrudge him getting paid, and the sitcom (I see from the IMDb listings; I never watched the show) at least gave some work to actors I've liked like Buffy's Nicholas Brendan and Harold and Kumar's John Cho. Still: huh?

P.S. I mentioned this last night to slipjig (while I was on the phone with him and his girlfriend rafaela) and his comment was "Hey, they made M*A*S*H into a sitcom."