March 17th, 2008

iAm iSaid

Smiled, I did.

From the DJ starting her shift just now on 94.7 Alternative Portland: "What better way to spend St. Patrick's Day than with someone named Tara Dublin?" A pause. "I'm about as Irish as matzo ball soup."
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Blow My Mind

I apologize in advance to my foodie friends.

Special dinner tonight...for a certain value of "special." After going to the airport and picking up Mom and Dad's car, so I can have a good (and safe) vehicle for a week while looking for my next car, I swung through Northeast Portland and had Popeye's chicken. My chicken dripped on me. Yeah, greasy. I was in the mood for greasy.

No collard greens, though, which I was in the mood for, too. Argh! (Leafy greens with calcium: more proof Mother Nature's a fantastic inventor.) So my side dish was cole slaw. I considered adding onion rings, too, but decided that'd be, er, overly decadent. But I was tempted.

To detour screechingly into other news, there's going to be a comic book adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. A counter guy at Excalibur Comics informed me. Already I'm wondering who'll adapt, who'll draw, and (this marks my geekiness) the important question what era it's going to be set in. Late Seventies, like the original novel? Late Eighties, like the expanded novel? Mid-Nineties, like the miniseries? Now, These are important considerations!