March 23rd, 2008

Good Omens


Hi. Today was a good kind of unexciting. I'm slightly sore for some reason (not a fun reason, boo), so I'm taking it easy and winding down.

Today was a cleaning day: several loads of laundry (after I drove this morning to my parents' place, where I can use the washer and dryer for free), and then, the cleaning of my apartment by the discarding of stuff. People I know are talking about "celebrating Discardia." I can't look at the website -- I tried for about five minutes to load it earlier and it didn't -- but I think I can grok the concept just by pondering the name. Stuff is either trashed (Dumpstered?) or in bags for an eventual Goodwill trip.

I hope those of you who celebrated Easter celebrated well. I also hope those of you who don't had a good day in other ways. (It takes little to make me rhyme. Hey, today I looked at bits of The Princess Bride again and noticed a rhyme I'd never noticed before! Inigo says "It's you" and Fezzik says "True.")

Edited To Add, is what I'm doing here: I didn't mean to imply it was unexciting to chat on the phone with rafaela. I enjoyed chatting with rafaela. (Sorry I didn't say hi directly, slipjig! Talk to you another time!)

Edit the Viking: Here are more Discardia details and tips.