April 1st, 2008

Good Omens

Okay, I don't normally like April Fool's Day, but this made me laugh

Something's happened today at Questionable Content.

And at Dinosaur Comics.

And at xkcd.

(Hey, here's the permalink to today's QC strip.)

Post-April 1st edit: The three comics switched places for a day; Dinosaur Comics took over QC's site, QC took over xkcd's site, and xkcd took over Dinosaur Comics's site. (And I'm not entirely sure if Raven from QC was completely in character, either...)
Blow My Mind

Happy wow commences NOW.

Later this month, on April 18th and 19th, Portland's Hollywood Theatre is going to show Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.

THIS is a geek-thing of enormous magnitude. Back in the 1980s, three kids from Mississippi who loved Raiders of the Lost Ark filmed a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders on video camera. (SHOT-FOR-SHOT. I kid you not. Took seven years, and they had to nix the flying wing sequence, but you can't have everything...)

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have both seen it, after young director Eli Roth dug it out of obscurity. There actually will be a biopic about the kids (to be scripted by Dan Clowes). And now Portland gets to see the adaptation, in all its handicam glory.


(Heard via The Rick Emerson Show. Brought to us by Dark Horse Comics and The Portland Mercury...)

That's fantastic, and by "fantastic" I mean "fantastic": Geek Power

Geeky is good.

Among those who know this are two particular geeks: Portland writer Dawn Taylor (here on LJ as coffeeinhell) and Portland radio host Rick Emerson.

And Dawn and Rick Emerson = her Portland Tribune feature article on Rick, his radio show, and how his music-writing activities have made geeks all over the world cheer.

It's a really good article, explaining the changing role of the geek in our world. Emerson has said more than once, "I don't believe geeks will inherit the earth: I believe we already have." He explains this more in the piece.

The piece also shows the bizarre (and still developing) history of "Geek Like Me," the song Rick wrote and sang for a friend's wedding that has since reached geeks elsewhere (one of whom created a YouTube video). For all of his smart-assed, cynical radio rantings, Emerson can be a sweetheart...as well as a geeky scholar of, among other things, pop music. The result is "Geek Like Me" and other songs by his pop band The Wonderstrucks. He is spreading the geek gospel multiple ways, and bless him for it.


One more thing: Dawn explains what led to her feature in this entry. Yes, this article is one of the last things she'll write for the Tribune before it fires every single one of its freelancers, like her, so: you need a kick-ass freelance writer who understands the geek world? Talk to Dawn!