April 8th, 2008


Waste is NOT patriotic!

This strangely gladdened me. In the restroom a few minutes ago, a military man (I didn't catch his branch (oy that kind of sounds bad (sorry))) washed his hands and then only took two paper towels. And he the way he did it is, he took one, used it, then got one more and used it. This as opposed to the people who automatically grab three, or four, or five paper towels every time they wash their hands. He wasn't wasting paper! I wanted to thank him, but he finished and got striding on his way.
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It's still yendi's birthday! I have time!

“The horror, the horror” is a positive thing
If it’s about the reviews yendi does;
Snarky synopsis is a skill that he brings
To movies unworthy of buzz;
Additional skills? Giving links to us all
’bout worthy movies, comics and tunes;
Looking like McDreamy (as someone has called
Him; his looks make his wife shadesong swoon
– and his writer mind, too, it’s what caused her crush
That led to them marrying; yay!)
And it’s reasons like that that I’ve written this gush
At the very end of his day.

Happy birthday, man. Keep enjoying it.
Good Omens

Not all ideas are created equal

I’ve had odd ideas lately.

The morning DJs I listen to on 94.7 Alternative Portland ask people for themed song suggestions – for Greg Glover it’s the “Eight at Eight,” for Tara Dublin it’s the ”Gimme Five” (she gives the listeners a word or a topic, the listeners suggest songs with that word or topic) – and I’ve made suggestions. Not necessarily good ones. A couple of days ago I e-mailed Greg to suggest eight songs that have to be edited for language; I decided that because I remembered that those perverse boys in Pink Floyd released as a single the song “Not Now John,” where the lead singer and even the backup girls repeatedly drop the “F” bomb. Greg actually liked, or at least was amused by, the idea. (Though in the single version they all sing “Stuff all that” instead of, well, you can guess!)

But today, when Tara asked for songs or bands with the word “Wonder” in them, I e-mailed her to say I wouldn’t suggest “Geek Like Me” by The Wonderstrucks (and I included links to the song and the band). She e-mailed me to say she wasn’t familiar with them, so she’d take my word for it. I then explained why that would’ve been a perverse suggestion: the lead singer-songwriter of The Wonderstrucks is Rick Emerson, who got fired by Tara’s bosses at Entercom, which inspired the Coffee Cup Crusade, where annoyed Emerson fans mailed lots (thousands?) of coffee mugs to Rick’s former bosses. I also apologized; I was suddenly imagining a nightmare scenario of Tara looking at the links I’d sent, and of a higher-up realizing that she was looking at the source of a lot of tsuris at her company. Tara’s good people, so I told her not to look. She understood.

I’ve had weird ideas like that lately. And one idea kind of bothered me: part of me wanted to start recording what my officemates say, and play it back to them. Because, as I’ve said before, it’s often a litany of annoyed noises and complaints they’re making, and no-sense-of-proportion ranting about how they’ve NEVER had so much trouble and how things ALWAYS go wrong and stuff NEVER works. And I wonder if they really hear themselves, how negative they are, how often they sigh and moan. But then I wonder why I’m so concerned about that. (And I also realize that I’d get into all sorts of trouble if I ever did anything like that; confidentiality concerns, after all, it’s a hospital. But heck, I’d probably get grief just for pointing out in conversation “Wow, do you guys find joy in anything?”)

So my ideas…could use some work. Better ideas need to happen.

Wednesday morning edit: Oh, I meant to include another perhaps-not-that-good-an-idea. My friend slipjig asked me for suggestions for his next CinemaBowl poll. He'd decided against Worst Films; he eventually decided on Best Directors (going on now!); I said that maybe he should do a poll of the most overrated movies. I already had a candidate.

Peter Pan-less

How is this possible? I somehow never read or saw a version of Peter Pan until finally seeing the 2003 film version of it this weekend. (Spielberg’s Hook doesn’t count. So I can forget that I saw it back in ’91. Erm. That last sentence doesn’t exist…)

Nice film. I was probably too tired this weekend to watch it – Saturday night I wasn’t really getting the story, and it felt overly busy, plus I couldn’t get used to the Glo-Stick color scheme – so I watched it again over the last couple of nights. Ah; now it makes more sense. Nice film.

The film also feels like a pretty faithful adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s play and novel; with the theatrical touches that were likely from the original play (getting everyone to shout “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!”) and the plot elements that feel like what someone would’ve come up with a hundred years ago. This is my guess, because, again, never seen it or read it. Not even the Disney adaptation, somehow. Honestly, my main exposure until now was s00j’s “Wendy Trilogy” of songs where Wendy really did become a pirate! And that’s another twist-on-the-story story.
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