April 9th, 2008

iAm iSaid

Sometimes I'm quick.

So at work just now a hospital employee asked me to make a patient report STAT. I looked it up and found the report got delivered to the hospital last night at 5.

I told him, "So when they say they want it yesterday..."

The heartbreak of bad covers

Judge A Book By Its Cover. Impossible anatomy, cheesecake, beefcake, phallic imagery, visual nonsense, bad James Patterson prose, and more! The site's created and run by a librarian (who reads library_mofo, by the way, which should delight robyn_ma). Some of it's not quite Work-Safe. Or Sanity-Safe.

(I've read one of the books from the March 21st entry, The White Hotel: it's actually a very good, dark book, but with whacked-out cover art that inspired Judge A Book's creator to say "It's worrisome when the least disturbing thing on a cover is a Nazi!")

(Found by sclerotic_rings, and then shared by copperwise)
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