April 13th, 2008

Me 1

Taxes: DONE.

Taxes are done, a lot later than I normally do them. Bad Chris.

I'm getting a decent federal refund; I owe Oregon a slight amount, "slight" as in "$22." That ain't breaking my bank, even before the federal refund reaches me.

Forms and the state check are in envelopes, awaiting mailing.

And I don't yet have any idea if I qualify for the money-back that's coming to some people later, but I'm not worrying about that.

Rappin' 'bout the birthday of lbitw

Happy birthday, Jason, known on LJ as lbitw:

He's diggin' the riggin'
His fightin's excitin'
(S-C-A! Oh yes way!)
Likes mummies, or mumm-ays
The punk rock, rocks his socks
Good booze, too! That's no crock!
Romancin'? Advancin'
Good birthday? Good chancin'!

Happy birthday, Jason. (Not too late! Unlike what I thought last night...) Enjoy things; enjoy people.

P.S. I did rap-music hand gestures while sounding out each line. I'm not ready for a rap-off but maybe...someday, maybe...

FLASHBACKS: I'm a reporter. The library's my beat.

More old writing by me! My junior high was Henry David Thoreau Intermediate in Vienna, Va. (When I entered the seventh grade, I entered my sixth school. And plenty of military brats had more schools under their belt than that by then…) I was a firmly committed writing geek by then, so of course I gravitated to the school paper, The Naturalist. I’ve found two of my pieces: one from 1987, one from 1988. Weird to see how much I already “sounded” like me. In seventh grade, I tended to sign “C. M. Walsh,” which I guess was attempted flair; but eventually I stopped, which is good – “C.M. Walsh’ looks pretentious (and doesn’t sound nearly as good as “J.K. Rowling”) – and signed my stuff Chris Walsh.

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[2008 note: Hey, Tarah, our future Hawk Talk colleague Jennifer Walter was on the Naturalist staff in 1988; she had a lot of articles in the issue that my second story came from.]
iAm iSaid

Want to hear the world's longest pop song? Want to make it EVEN LONGER?

The 1990s gave the world President Clinton, Twin Peaks, Harry Potter, and a Chris Butler tune called "The Devil Glitch," crowned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest pop song ever recorded. (69 minutes, yo.)

And now this decade gives us The Major Glitch: an online collaborative effort to make the song even freakin' longer.

The song's available, for listening and augmenting, at Major Glitch Dot Net. Chris Butler explains just what possessed compelled him to do this in this interview.

Remember the pattern: "Sometimes you can fix something by just," followed by whatever the heck you can fit in. (Butler wrote such lines as "Sometimes you can fix something by just being against being against the establishment of the church/ Antidisestablishmentarianism" and "Sometimes you can't fix something by just playing pinball/ Though Tommy's such a stupid album...")

(Links provided here by popfiend, plus some Googling)