April 17th, 2008

Good Omens

Spielberg and Lucas

Via smwance: Entertainment Weekly chats with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas about the upcoming Indiana Jones film.

Tidbits I particularly liked: Lucas having to train Shia LeLeouf in how to be a "greaser"; Spielberg invoking the Killer Rabbit; both of them geeking out over Cate Blanchett's villain character; and this comment from Lucas:
You do a whole lot of research around the subject matter to try to get it as plausible as possible. We don't deal with time machines. We don't deal with phony notebooks that don't exist. We don't deal with pyramids in 10,000 B.C., because there weren't any.
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s00j, sheep, sex, shot-for-shot, and, um, er, something poetic beginning with "S"

The big computer program I use on my job? Down. So I have time to kill and the last few pages of Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne to read.

I also can pass along links:

* Who likes my singer-songwriter-friend s00j? Author Laurell K. Hamilton does! She attended a Sooj house concert last weekend. (Now I'm hoping to hear s00j's take on that concert.) elionwyr shared the link.

* Over on Keith R.A. DeCandido's journal, a question about Alaska spun off in a VERY different discussion direction. Involving sheep. I'm proud to have contributed to the madness! (And here I added this about my heritage: "Swedish-Irish-Scottish. I'm placidly fiery! (That's actually surprisingly apropos, come to think of it...)")

* Sexually suggestive lines in the original Star Wars trilogy.

* Mike Russell writes about the three Mississippi kids who, in a remarkable feat of geekdom, filmed a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark on a camcorder. (First Portland showing's Friday night at 7:00! I'll be there.) The piece includes side-by-side comparisons of shots from the original and shots from the adaptation.

* Oh, and my co-worker D. pointed out this double dactylic piece of higgeldy piggeldy:
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Wrote his concertos for
Handspans like wings.

Few, realistically,
Can, pianistically,
Play the darn things!
More here!
Good Omens

Being for the benefit of Caitlin R. Kiernan (http://greygirlbeast.livejournal.com)!

I've been meaning to do this, and with my job-systems still down it's a good time to do so:

Author Caitlin R. Kiernan (on LJ as greygirlbeast) is in the nice position of having lots of her books in print right now. (I sighted the mass market paperback of her novel Murder of Angels in a Fred Meyer here in Portland, a store her work hadn't been in before.) Of course, availability means nothing unless people buy and try the books, so here are ways to buy 'em:

Silk (originally published 1998)

Threshold (originally published 2001, and for a time in 2002 was pursued by Hollywood for a film version; Guillermo Del Toro was among those interested)

Low Red Moon (originally published 2003, and a particular favorite of hers)

Murder of Angels (originally published 2004)

Daughter of Hounds (her most recent novel, published 2007)

Kiernan also wrote the novelization of the Gaiman-Avary-Zemeckis Beowulf. And she was gladdened recently by this photo a reader sent her of her books on a Barnes & Noble shelf.

Also also currently available: Tales of Pain and Wonder, I think Kiernan's favorite of her short story collections, finally revised the way she wanted it (an earlier edition had a lot of errors that slipped in after she'd proofed it). Harrowing reading in a beautiful book.