April 22nd, 2008

Whale fluke

North-facing shore

On a dream-beach last night. Uniform but not especially thick cloud-layer above; a small town hemmed in by cliffs behind me (parts of the cliffs loomed especially prominently over the beach; several small waterfalls flowed over them). And no sign of anyone else.

For some reason, I had this strong thought: This is a north-facing shore.

The ocean was to the north. Made me realize two things: 1) I often, though certainly not always, dream of an ocean to the north of my dream-locales, and 2) I've never been on the south shore of a sea. South shores of rivers and lakes, sure, plenty, but never an ocean extending to the horizon. Made me think of my Michigan friend blubeagle and her trips to the Upper Peninsula to watch Lake Superior. She's said that the lake looks and feels powerful, and a little scary. This ocean didn't feel scary, whereas Lake Superior's earned its scary reputation.

I've never looked to a sea to the south; either: never been to the Gulf Coast, though I hope to; certainly I've never been to the south-facing coasts Africa has. I think my dream-self thinks that's significant somehow.
Blow My Mind

"We're batting .1000 this week for screwing with people."

On this day of voting, campaigning and other high-profile political stuff, here's a story:

A month ago, the mad geniuses of The Rick Emerson Show (11 a.m.-3 p.m. Pacific Time Monday-Friday, AM 970) got talking about political songs. Rick mentioned that his wife had made a suggestion that was wonderful-by-way-of-horrible: what about a rally song called "If You Like Barack Obama," to the tune of that song that goes "If you like pina coladas"?

In only three days, through an on-air collaborative effort, Rick (a singer-songwriter in his own right) and a bunch of listeners suggested and cobbled together lyrics, created a bad parody song -- though even in its badness it was strangely compelling -- recorded it, and put it online. (Later, someone made a video for it.)

And on April 3rd, it got played on Thom Hartmann's show on Air America. He apparently took it seriously.

As Rick exulted on-air after this, "We're batting .1000 this week for screwing with people."

And while the creation of the song was a kind of political theater-meets-Andy Kaufman, it has the benefit of not being mean...and NOT POSSIBLY BEING ILLEGAL, unlike (maybe) Operation Chaos, where Rush Limbaugh and others encouraged non-Democrats to switch parties and vote in primaries for Hillary Clinton, to keep the Democratic campaign as contentious as possible for as long as possible and make it more likely that McCain wins. (I read about that and thought "So Limbaugh wants to be Tyler Durden now?") It wasn't meant to mess with the political process; it was meant to make people go either "Yeah!" or "Huh?"

I'm probably more amused by all this than I should be. But it probably keeps me from getting angry about politics, which I also can get.