April 24th, 2008

Whale fluke

FLASHBACKS: The Truman Show reviewed

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There’s a particular thing I did in this review that I’m proud of, which is say next to nothing about the plot. Of course, much of that plot had been spoiled in the film’s advertising, but for me it was worth the exercise of trying to get people to understand what I was talking about without saying too much. Summing something up and calling that a review is a pet peeve of mine. (I got thinking of that again when I made this comment in this entry by greygirlbeast.)
iAm iSaid

One reason I will never be a total Led Zeppelin fan

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Whale fluke

2001 and The Dawn of Mime (there, I've got octoberland's attention)

An interview with Dan Richter, the mime who appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey as Moonwatcher the man-ape. Richter also choreographed the ape movement ("ape action" sounds horrible, doesn't it) of the film's Africa sequence.

He brings up how the 1969 Oscars ceremony awarded a special Oscar for Makeup...to Planet of the Apes, not 2001. To paraphrase what an annoyed Arthur C. Clarke said at that time, maybe the AMPAS people thought 2001 had used real apes...

(Seen here via defamer_atom. Richter also has a website.)
Good Omens

Hey, certain co-workers who don't get to read this:

Y'know, in gigantic swaths of the world, "foreign-sounding names" include names like Jones and Smith and James and Brown and names like that.

(Context!: I think some of the people I work near (I make that distinction with malice aforethought) don't really hear how they speak. And they were talking about how someone changed his name from one they couldn't remember, but was "foreign-sounding." And?

(Yeah, I'm probably reading too much into it. I'm slightly cranky right now.)
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rollick, after running into a concertgoer who wanted to keep talking throughout that concert, wonders if there's more to public rudeness than just people being rude:
The one thing I took away from reading Lynne Truss’ Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door was the notion that the boundaries between public and private spaces are breaking down: Once, you could only watch movies in public, and it was a special occasion. Now, you can watch them at home, and it’s hard for some people to grasp the distinction between seeing a movie from their couch—where they can heckle and give running commentaries to their hearts’ content without disturbing anyone—and seeing one in the theater...

Truss’ theory is that people who are engaging in private behavior in public spaces haven’t really grasped the difference—if they’re doing things they normally do in private, they’re socially keyed to expect privacy. So when we confront these people, they aren’t just affronted—they’re frightened. Because they’ve been INTRUDED ON. Someone saying “Will you please keep it down?” in the movie theater has just broken into their living room uninvited and given them a lecture. And the instinctive response is aggressive alarm.
I can see that. Heck, I have seen that. The post: worth reading. (Thanks for the link, yendi.)
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