April 26th, 2008

Me 1

Reclaiming my Brain

May I think coherently again, brain? Please?

My thoughts were on the verge of misfiring big-time last night while I was on the phone with rafaela. This was at the very end of a long, kind of draining day and my mind kept wanting to shut down. It made me think of that Apocalypse Now outtake where Marlon Brando starts rambling profound-sounding-but-incoherent sentences, walks to the side of the set and announces "I can't think of any more dialogue today."

(I also got thinking of the so-called "Larry King slow-motion raveout," but that takes a while -- and at least a dramatic reading, or ideally the actual recording -- to explain. Don & Mike fans will know what I'm talking about.)

Anyway. I want my mind this weekend, so I can be witty and clever to the witty and clever people at Stumptown Comics this weekend. I think I'll take a nap. More rest for the misfiring mind.

Okay. This entry was reasonably coherent. Here's to increased coherence later!
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Me 1

Drive-By Posting

Momentarily stopped in my day. I spent most of the midday at Stumptown Comics, wandering around and having a good time (and finally meeting and shaking hands with greyaenigma, plus running into and saying hi to knowmad, who I met in person at last year's Stumptown). I left to buy groceries; and now I'm home, getting food and caffeine into me before I head out again for the Comic Art Battle that closes this day's Stumptown events.

And without getting into details, I received very relieving news once I got on my home internet. And that helps.