May 18th, 2008

Whale fluke

A little wobbly

Hmm. Just awakened within the hour and already figuring I'll take a nap later. Mmm. Naps nice. And this is after I think I slept pretty thoroughly last night. Ideally I'd go back to sleep now, but that's tough for me to do, so: later. Makes sense. I like rest.

Good Mexican food dinner last night. The remains will also make a good breakfast. My Aunt Nancy Weare, the one from Guam, took me out while my folks were at a function. It was my first time giving someone a ride in my new (well, new-to-me) car. I also got her to order her first horchata, and as she's a sweet-toothed person like me she liked the drink.

And now it's pretty outside (my folks live in a pretty place), and it looks comfortable outside. I see a walk in my future. I'm trying to go on more morning walks on the weekends. (I already walk a fair amount on weekday mornings; my commute allows for walking...)
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    (mentally) the "Cloverfield" overture

NOW I've been useful!

More awake now, which is good, since I've driven a whole mess of miles and done some errands and treated myself, all of which is best done when NOT SLEEPY. Maybe I won't need a nap.

I let myself take a longer route home than normal so I could get doughnuts (yes, plural) at the Clackamas Krispy Kreme. Hot chocolate, too, which hit the spot quite well. I then cut over to Milwaukie and finally visited Things From Another World, which hadn't opened yet when I went past it yesterday. I bought a longbox for the first time since the one box I bought in the 1980s. My comics collecting had lain fallow for many years, slowly building to the point recently where I finally realized yep. Need these more organized. My entire Caitlin-written run of The Dreaming needs to get off my bookshelf and into the box!

Groceries were my next stop. Home was my latest stop. It's cool enough in my apartment, which is good as it's another 80-plus degree day out there.

As I write this, Mom and Aunt Nancy are en route to Portland's Waterfront Park for the Obama rally. Nancy got dressed this morning in her Guam for Obama T-shirt. Dad's home getting yardwork done, "turning big stumps into little stumps" (his words; he's cleaning out trees that a service had cut down). And I need more fluid. I always need more fluid. I'm good at drinking fluid...

On the occasion of the birthday of theloriest...

...I have occasion to poemify! Be poet-ish. That thing.


You've made your birthday gift:
You have rebuilt your life.
You anchored in at Anchorage
With a hankerin': be rife
With funds to function, in Boston town
Your environment preferred
Your partner close (and often closer)
After partner-time deferred.

This is your birthday gift:
Return triumphantly
From Anchorage to the Northeast
-- you hope enchantedly --
And settle in, to write and love
(And see some baseball live!)
Your gift is now to live life well
And -- you know it -- thrive.

I hope you've had a happy birthday, Lori. Best of the good luck when you return to Boston next month.