May 22nd, 2008


FLASHBACKS 5/25/1999: Watching people waiting to watch Star Wars

(front page headline: “Hordes feels the Force as new Star Wars opens”)

Mixed feelings about the film aside, I’m happy to have had this experience: being among the hundreds of Hermiston residents, mostly young people, lined up hoping to buy tickets to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace one cloudless and vaguely breezy evening in May 1999. We took over a good portion of the town movie theater’s front walkway and the parking lot, talked about the films and our lives, played with and showed off toys, and stayed warmish. A kid from the local high school interviewed me and others for a student-made document of the event. Someone else set up a combo TV/VCR near the entrance and showed highlights of the original trilogy.

Maybe my favorite overheard comment of the night was “In every Star Wars novel, Luke is always having his ass handed to him. He’s always just barely getting away! He should be kicking ass and taking names.” I thought Ah, you want Star Wars as directed by John Carpenter.

Here is my feature article about the experience: Collapse )
Blow My Mind

Can I nap now?

Damnit, if I was going to be this "off" and "out of it" this morning for no apparent reason (geez I hope I'm not getting sick), then I should have attended the Cort and Fatboy/Rick Emerson midnight screening of the new Indiana Jones film. (Or...maybe I did! It would just involve sleepwalking to my car, sleep-driving all the way to Hillsboro, sleep-watching the flick, sleep-driving home, and sleeping again...)

Meanwhile, here's the experience of a guy who played Jack Sparrow at Disneyland. (Link shared by the fantabulous quirkybird.)
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iAm iSaid

Lazy Lunch, and a ponderable for y'all

Low-impact lunch hour. I walked around campus, my Krispy Kreme tumbler in hand and loaded with tea. Told myself to walk slower than normal, so I'm less likely to have near-misses with people walking past, plus that saves energy. I spent time sitting next to both of the fish tanks on the seventh floor of Doernbecher, and went back-and-forth between closing my eyes and resting my eyes on fish.

The question that occurred to me during this: Do fish tank fish ever run into each other?