May 25th, 2008



I feel less sick this morning, which is good: yesterday I had a grab-bag of symptoms that seemed to change as the day progressed, like my body was getting a different ailment for different times of the day. A sickness sampler! :-P

The worst of it was the slight fever I got from midday to bedtime: just over 99 degrees, but definitely a fever as my temp tends towards high 97s or 98 degrees. I kept well-bundled, with a comfy blanket around me and hot and cold running fluids getting into me, while I concentrated on getting better. My other big accomplishments were starting to post more old movie reviews of mine and watching more of Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. Really good show, but intense in the drama department, maybe more intense than I really wanted. I thought If I start listening to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, I'll probably burst into tears. Yeah, I was threatening to get emotional.

But I got my sleep, going to bed with thunderstorm sounds coming from outside, and finally slept a whole night for the first time in days. I really hope I can be well enough, and presentable enough, to get the heck out of the apartment today.
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Good Omens


Okay; time to NOT FEEL LIKE A PLAGUE CARRIER. I've showered, I've washed my mouth, and I've started two out of three loads of laundry. I'm using hot water instead of my usual cold to make extra-sure I'm COOKING ANY REMAINING NASTIES out of those clothes and bedsheets and blanket. Ha ha ha! Die, sickness! Die!

Later, if I feel up to it, I'll drive and make a quick grocery run. And then, maybe, I'll do something rare for me and get take-out via a drive-thru. I still want to minimize my in-person human contact, but I also want to combat cabin fever.

I'll very much enjoy being healthy again, please and thank you.
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