May 29th, 2008

Whale fluke

Job changes

Hi. I'm nervous.

As I've already told a few people (my parents, some co-workers, and rafaela), the job I've been in for the last 3 1/2 years is getting phased out. My company and the hospital where I work have decided there isn't enough on-site work to make it worth it for me to work there. This job will end sometime within the next two weeks.

I'm mentally juggling a few options: a home-based research job for my company, or a few admin assistant-type jobs for the hospital itself. I'll be talking to people starting today about these jobs. Likely tomorrow I'll work online from home. It's a test: do I feel capable of working a full-time job from home?

I'd really prefer not to be dealing with this now, after my sick time -- my energy's still low after my time off being ill -- but I knew it was going to happen eventually. Still, as I told co-worker and friend David, "I've gone from one kind of limbo to another."

Meanwhile, I've been nervous: spent a lot of yesterday nervous, and became nervous again almost immediately upon waking up this morning. I'm talking trouble-eating nervousness. (I threw out half of my lunch yesterday, which I almost never do.) But all's I can do is all's I can do, so I'll do that. And hope I don't throw up.

I know yesterday sucked even worse for a lot of you, and I wish it weren't for you. You guys have been in my thoughts.
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Creator of "It's Academic" dies

A death caught my eye: Sophie Altman, the creator of the Washington, D.C. televised high school quiz show It's Academic.

I liked that show, and I also liked the sheer fact of its existence. My high school friend Leo was a contestant in 1991, as part of the Madison High School team, and I attended that taping at WRC-TV (NBC 4) in D.C. Off to one side of the It's Academic stage was the smaller stage for The McLaughlin Group; yes, I was already enough of a media geek to recognize that.

Thank you for your work, Ms. Altman.
Whale fluke


Via the AP: A rare glimpse into the new capital of Myanmar:
Even a calamity the size of Cyclone Nargis hasn't stopped construction in the newly built capital of Naypyitaw (nay-pee-DAW), Senior Gen. Than Shwe's extravagant vanity project. The junta leader and his team of generals have overseen its making since 2005.

Than Shwe's rising Shangri-La of officialdom contrasts starkly with the misery in the rest of the country, one of the poorest and most repressed in the world.
More at the link.