June 7th, 2008

Blow My Mind


Okay, the flat spin would happen. F-14 Tomcats flew with the threat of getting into a flat spin, and the plane would have no way to break out of it. THAT'S accurate. That said, THERE IS NO WAY THE BLOWN CANOPY WOULD BE ANYWHERE NEAR THE PLANE BY THE TIME THE PILOT AND THE R.I.O. EJECTED. NO CRASHY-INTO-CANOPY. WOULDN'T HAPPEN. ARGH.

There. I needed to vent.

Top Gun's still an entertaining movie, but I need my entertainment NOT TO MOCK THE REAL WORLD. Argh. (That was a smaller argh.)

Someone who's still mad that Warren Skaaren, the last writer on Top Gun, was the one who said Well Goose is gonna die, let's give him a wife and kid to really twist the knife!

And now, music

Lots of music. In CD form. Delivered to my apartment this morning. My order of film score CDs that I made a week ago is now here.

I'm listening to Alex North's score to the 1968 political epic The Shoes of the Fisherman. I just heard one cue, "Ceremony," that North consciously adapted from his rejected music for 2001: A Space Odyssey (it's based on his cue "The Foraging," which would've introduced the proto-men in Africa at the beginning of that film). Very similar music, much different context, but he knew it would work. And it becomes interesting in an intertextual way; I'm very familiar with North's 2001 music, thanks to the Varese Sarabande CD from 1993 (Jerry Goldsmith conducting the massive National Philharmonic Orchestra), but this is how more people -- at least, more people in the late Sixties -- knew that music. And they most likely didn't know that it was originally 2001 music.

Nice touch in the liner notes: each cue lists the number of musicians used, sometimes more than 100.
Whale fluke

A surprisingly not-in-depth Top Gun screening report

Here's the thing:

Last night's late-night movie screening of Top Gun, as put on by DJs Cort and Fatboy and hosted by KUFO and the Bagdad Theater, was a fantastic, hilarious time, in ways that actually wouldn't make that interesting an entry.

Some entertainment happened that, out of respect and fondness for the people involved, I won't repeat. Some illuminating chats that would be too out-of-context here, I won't repeat, either. One personal, momentary annoyance occurred, but I did something about it and then was fine...

...and -- this amazed Fatboy -- it was maybe the best-behaved audience they've ever had at these late-night screenings. Boisterous, yes -- we hooted and hollered during the volleyball scene and the dogfights, which still hold up as amazing visuals, and we cracked LOTS of jokes (Fatboy wanted Val Kilmer to say "I'm Batman") -- but not belligerant. Except for the drunk guy outside the Bagdad who started to harangue me for wearing an OREGON DUCKS sweatshirt (the most he got out was "Do you know the Beavers have OWNED you at...") until some guy he knew began to harass him, and they got up and walked down the street arguing, and I'm pretty sure they didn't come back. Good. More fun for us.

What I feel fine saying: we had a guy attend who was in costume as Pete Mitchell, a.k.a. "Maverick" (huh; I've seen Top Gun umpteen times and I never remember Maverick's real name, just his call sign), in a jumpsuit with appropriate patches for the character, aviator sunglasses correct for the character, even the right freakin' haircut. Spitting image. Impressive.

And I'm already looking forward to next month's movie. (Second Friday that time! Friday the 11th! Mark your calendars! I'll tell you what to mark it for later!)

The power of porkburger compels you!

Good porkburger. Nice porkburger. Yes, my early dinner tonight was a Honey-BBQ Pork Burger, a special at the Bagdad.

I didn't get this burger last night. That was the mildly annoying thing to which I alluded. I sat at an outside table for 15 or 20 minutes and didn't get waited on. (That is when that drunk guy accosted me until that other guy accosted him.) Deciding it might take longer than I'd like to get dinner and get in line for Top Gun at that rate, I walked across the street and had a slice of pizza at the Oasis Cafe. Quick and caloric. The most I got at the theater that night was a root beer. I didn't even steal a tater tot from the plate of Mailman Chris.

So I was proactive in getting fed. Now I realize I could've been proactive other ways: sat down earlier to eat, or tracked down a server and ask who was taking orders outside. There are always possibilities, Spock said...

And today, I took advantage of the porkburger still being on the Bagdad Specials Menu by walking/bussing to the theater -- the way I've usually gone there for the late-night movies, except last night when I drove -- sitting down at another outside tale with my copy of Night Shift, and (woo hoo!) getting waited on almost immediately. I asked for and got tots as the side, which would delight tater tot appreciater Fatboy, and my fluids were a glass of water and a glass of IPA. I allowed myself a drink. It was a good drink, too.

I walked most of the way home, in weather good for walking: sweatshirt weather, which is good as I'm wearing a sweatshirt, no breeze, and no rain. And I kept thinking: Doesn't "Porkburger" sound like it should be a nickname? Yes, I'm still random.
Whale fluke

For Becca (chiara607) on her birthday:

There are many paths to beauty.
There are roads to tranquility.
There are many stairs to serenity.
There are journeys of joy.

There are prairies of fertility
Flowing rivers of fecundity
Kansan grasslands of
There are symbols to employ.

You’re on a path to increased happiness, Becca. The path goes…wherever you can see, which in parts of Kansas, is a lot. But you are still on it.

Happy birthday.