June 10th, 2008

Good Omens

Way to put the worst possible interpretation of that out there.

I'm late to this, because I avoid Fox News: Host E.D. Hill wondered if the fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama was "a terrorist fist jab." (Transcript here.)

The maddening quote from Hill: "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently."

Talk about tone deaf. Also talk about putting out the worst possible interpretation of something. (Plus there's the rhetorical trick of saying "everyone seems to interpret [it] differently," which ain't necessarily so but makes it look like that thought's actually been researched. It's like saying "People are talking about _______" even when people aren't, to make it seem like people are talking about the exact thought you want to put out there.)

Maybe it was unthinking, in which case it was a brain fart on Hill's part (and why would her mind go there?). Maybe it was thought out, which based on my jaundiced feelings re: Fox News I wouldn't rule out. Whichever way it is, it makes my head hurt.

Late on stagger_lee77's birthday

You know, I was tempted to write something in the style of Bob Dylan, ’cause he likes the “e” rhymes (like “Weird Al”!), but I won’t:

’Twas the night of Lee’s birthday, and she got lots of treats
Maybe cookies, or coffee, but definitely TEATS

…yep, that’s one way she’d celebrate, but maybe I should write about something else. Let’s try again:

’Twas the night of Lee’s birthday, and all of the pets
definitely stirring, crying “Take us to vets!”

…okay, I hope that didn’t happen. Pet emergencies suck. Plus it would distract from the TEATS be a bummer on Lee’s birthday, and she deserves FUN. LAUGHS. MUSIC. JOKES. THE CERTAINTY THAT SHE WON’T GET RE-RECRUITED BY THE MILITARY.

I hope you and supremegoddess1 have had enjoyment, Lee, from G-rated joy to X-rated joy.
Blow My Mind

It's good I can write...

...and that I don't have to talk. Talking would sound disjointed. I might not even be able to speak in full sentences right now.

Hi. Long day. I'm gettin' a VERY early night's sleep in a bit. (Long story short: my old car's still not gone because I managed to throw out the one piece of paper I need to prove I own it. You mean my smiling, trustworthy face isn't proof enough?) It's time to recharge.

Now to have some end-of-the-night hot chocolate with Drambue in it maybe NO. Hot chocolate's fine on its own... Later edit: Oh sod the hot chocolate, never mind, all that. But I feel tired enough without the warm-milk infusion to sleep well.