June 18th, 2008

Me 1


To my Northeast U.S. friends, many of whom are involved in August's Pi-Con 3:

I have submitted my info to attend Pi-Con.

I've yet to figure out my transportation to the convention and my accomodations at the convention (I plan to stay at the convention hotel), but this puts the stake in the ground by declaring my intention to get the hell over there. Around this stake, I can start to plan my summer traveling. (I'm sure the metaphor got mixed somewhere in there, but I don't mind.)

I will get there, Yes I will.


Woo hoo!
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    that "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" song

Natal day for Nat (Happy Birthday, knowmad!)

Words for Nat "knowmad" Cook on his birthday:

Draw it, film it, talk it, do it
Train yourself 'til there's nothin' to it
Walk it, make it,
doe-see-doe it
(Really, try dancing! You can du-et!)
Sail it, ride it, all 'round Puget
Sound advice and you can take it
Mostly, dude, you're gonna do it
And do it well (again: nothin' to it)...


All the best from here on out, Nat.