June 27th, 2008

Whale fluke

Something I will not write

Many times during my last year-and-a-half or so at the job I just quit, I was frustrated enough to want to vent about a certain person in that office. I vented in small ways -- a quick friends-locked post here, a complaint to a friend there -- but I also kept imagining a long, long entry that I'd write eventually where I'd thoroughly vent about that person. (Suffice it to say that this person seemed to have been built out of the difficult, maddening traits of every bad co-worker I'd ever had, and placed in a management position, someone I had to report to.)

A few weeks removed from dealing with said person in, well, person, and some time after having the last e-mail exchange with that manager (even those e-mails, by the way, would make me tense: Uh-oh, what will [this person] be on about now?), I've decided to mentally move those thoughts for that proposed long, long post to the Trash Bin. Because this person is not a factor in my life anymore. That's a better thought than any kind of venting I'd do.

So deletion starts...NOW. (Hey, I didn't say I could let go immediately. I can dwell, y'know? Stopping the dwelling might take a bit...)
iAm iSaid

Voice Post: Being for the benefit of robyn_ma (Happy Birthday!)

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As this marks the anniversary of the appearance on this earth of a certain woman named robyn_ma

*snaps fingers*

The cats and dogs will mass along the feeding line,
Expectant gazes and expectant mouths waiting, waiting, for the feeding:
Wet food, dry food, special formula, maybe a special scrap-treat, water enough to swim in (NEVER TO HAPPEN WATER IS SCARY AND BAD KEEP IT AWAY FROM ANYTHING BUT THEIR TONGUES)…

*snaps fingers again*

…And Robyn, the food co-bringer (along with listeningowl, the second food co-bringer), brings the food, the munchies, the tasty bits, the yum-yum stuff – maybe even the toys for post-meal cavorting,
(Even maybe the catnip that even the dogs might get into) –
And the pets are sated, satisfied, soothed by food and ready to play.
And Robyn is satisfied, and amused, and likely to say something funny and thoughtful,
Maybe said as her, maybe said as dr_clive_owen, maybe said as still another creation, another outlet for her word-gift, her thought-gift, her askew-view-of-the-world gift, because she is truly cool like that.

*snaps fingers yet again*

*burns his fingers from one finger-snap too many (a beat-poetry-cat occupational hazard, don’t you know, Daddy-O)*

OW! My finger.


Happy birthday, Robyn. You’re one of the big reasons I got into LJ in the first place. Thank you.

Treating myself

I'm back to being Good Chris. To celebrate that (and to celebrate that a FedEx shipment to my place ACTUALLY GOT TO MY PLACE; I'd started to think I had FedEx repellent) I'm taking myself to the Moreland Theater, the neighborhood theater nearest to me, to see Pixar's Wall*E.

Yes, Portland still has quite a few neighborhood theaters: the Clinton, Cinemagic, the Academy, the Avalon, the Roseway (though that may be closed for now), St. John's, the Hollywood, the Portlander, and of course McMenamins' restored and renovated theaters like the Bagdad and the Mission. We've lost plenty of other places -- the Alberta where my parents went is long gone (but hey, the Kennedy School theater is near where the Alberta used to be!) -- but the town's done a good job at keeping a good percentage of them.