June 29th, 2008

Good Omens

It's quiet. Is it too quiet?

To quote "M1A1" by Gorillaz, "Helloooo?... Is anyone there?... Helloooo... Helloooo?...Is anyone there?... Helloooo..."

Hi. Good morning (as it is still morning for most of those who'd be reading this). Very quiet, this corner of LJ.

I've been quiet, too. It realy feels like I'm regrouping. That means I've been pretty wrapped up in myself lately; it also means I've been commenting a lot less than before. I miss that, but I also want to be sure that my comments to y'all are about something, that they have more depth than posting "Me too!" (like some braindead AOLer). Trust me, I'm reading you and thinking about you. Yes, even you.

I'm at my parents' house, treating it kind of like a vacation home. It's a naturally cool, relaxing place in semi-rural Dundee, with a lot of land and plant life and the ponds that Dad installed several years ago. And as the temp went above 100 here yesterday (only 20% humidity, though, so it is just the heat, not the humidity), the air conditioning was a heck of a draw, too. And the daylight basement that's the most naturally cool part of the house.

Things are comfortable. I slept well last night, and the outside temp's now in the mid-60s. I can ease into this day. Laundry's my big goal.
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General Miscellaneous Whatever

Grab-bag time:

* I was kind of a "secret shopper" this afternoon. So I shouldn't say where I was shopping... ;-)

* The next few days, I'll finally ship off my former employer's equipment back to my former employer. The way that's getting done is thus: the company sent me packages with pre-paid packing material. So I'll unpack packing stuff, then pack stuff into that packing stuff, have FedEx pick up that packed stuff, and then deal with the packing stuff that all that pre-paid packing stuff was packed in...

What I should've done was ask if I could've schlepped the equipment to a FedEx Kinko's, have them pack it, and then send the receipt to my company for reimbursement. But an undefined something seems to amuse me about them shipping me shipping stuff. I must be easily amused.

* Sweet-Tooth Me strikes again! On the spur of the moment on my way home from Dundee I stopped at the Tualatin Haggen (not my Secret Shopper place). I first bought Swedish fish. My next sweet buy: Coke. A Coke bottle in a bucket of Coke Bottles, with the bucket labeled "Made in Mexico (higher sugar content)." I was sold.

I admit to my sweet tooth. Must mean I don't have a problem.

* Having watched Serenity twice last weekend, plus having watched bits of it on Mom and Dad's big-big-big TV, I've finally realized who the Operative really reminds me of: a more focused, capable, with-it Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant. Except I "buy" the Operative's change over the course of the film better than I "buy" how Mansley changes. Mansley's last scene in The Iron Giant has always rubbed me the wrong way. When the general gives him That News That Sucks (those of you who've seen The Iron Giant know what I'm talking about), I thought he should've reacted Collapse ) The Operative's reaction to the climax of Serenity seemed more honest.