July 4th, 2008


Allow me to echo Jeph Jacques when I say...

...D'awww. (So that's a side of Sven we haven't seen before...)

In other words, I'm strangely gladdened by the sight this morning of Ricardo Montalban on cable, in one of his two Planet of the Apes films (either Escape From the Planet of the Apes or Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; I'm not sure). If you can't get Charlton Freakin' Heston, you definitely could do worse than Ricardo Montalban...
Me 1

Good things, here's where they've gone

Today's Independence Day could also be termed Yay Day. Yes, things are good.

octoberland called me, and we had a nice chat about summer plans, parades, Caitlin R. Kiernan and Guillermo Del Toro. Her call was an unexpected treat. And she sounded good. Oy, I'm looking forward to meeting her next month at Pi-Con.

And later, because buying it online wasn't working for me, I drove out to a movie theater and bought a ticket for that theater's midnight showing of The Dark Knight, the new Batman film, and (from all accounts so far) something special. Cort and Fatboy are hosting it, same as the monthly late-night movies at the Bagdad and -- the first time I was in the same room as them -- Snakes on a Plane.

Now, I'm chilling at Mom and Dad's, which I'm again treating as a vacation house. They're gone for the weekend, enjoying a special trip to the Oregon Coast to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

No scintillating prose this entry. Wasn't expecting to generate any.