July 6th, 2008


Happy birthday, supremegoddess1! With a special message for stagger_lee77

So I see that today's birthday celebrant supremegoddess1 has as one of her interests "making horrible puns."

Must...not...go...there... (Don't want to make substandard horrible puns. Quality must be maintained!)

Instead, I'll celebrate Kim's birthday thusly:

A day of beautiful sounds (music!);
A day of beautiful smells (BPAL!);
A day of beautiful words (books! Songs! Kevin Smith films! Okay, "Kevin Smith films" for a certain value of "beautiful words," but damnit, I'd say he's a good writer and I like hearing him too);
A day of beautiful thoughts:
Thoughts that help others
Thoughts that heal others
Thoughts that lovingly challenge others;
A day of beautiful beauty. (I admire your taste in women.)
And then a
next day of beautiful sounds, of beautiful smells, of beautiful words, of beautiful thoughts, and of beautiful beauty. And then a next day. And then a next day...

Happy birthday, Kim.

Oh, and I'll also do a new birthday message for your partner stagger_lee77, because my first attempt sucked:

In your case, "You go, girl" is literally true:
You went to there, to OIF, one of many Army crews;
Returned to here in one piece (yay!), having gotten through
A long-fought fight in a far-flung place, and always staying you...

You've earned the chance for peace and rest, for calmness to accrue
For humor and love to stay in your life, to accumulate, to brew;
To be impressive, to be well-liked, to be worth a good ado
To be Ms. Lee, indubitably; that shan't be misconstrued.

Stay good to each other, Kim and Lee. I'm glad I know you guys.