July 10th, 2008

Me 1

Some Out-Of-Context Theater! (Seattle adventures roll on)

"Southern zombies: even slower!"

"We made pornaments."

"Do you have a drinking problem?"

"Obama's Blackberry." "Why do you always have to bring up his color?"

"Penis leach!"

Some (not all) of this was uttered by me, Maximy and Bo at the Silver Fork on Rainier Ave. We're wellllllll-fed now with Southern comfort food, served heroically by the woman who was the sole person on duty when we arrived. Not sole cook: the sole person, darting and jumping to get coffee, water and menus out to people. We gently razzed one of the people who finally showed up to work ("I'm early for tomorrow," he said).
Blow My Mind

Back from Seattle

Hi, Portland! Miss me?

I've made it back from my Seattle road trip, sunburned but satisfied. But holy cow, was there some stupid driving on the freeways. I am glad to say I did not contribute to that, just watched and boggled while trying not to get run over.

Predator at the Bagdad tomorrow night! Yes, that's one reason I wanted to get back today.