July 26th, 2008

iAm iSaid

"Eyeworm" sounds REALLY gross.

You can have earworms. I think I have an eyeworm.

For some reason, I can't get out of my head the scene in the film version of Spawn when Spawn smashes through the ceiling to attack (and glower at) evil Martin Sheen. "YOU.... You sent me to Hell. I'm here to return the favor."

(I love that when critic Tim Appelo loved that flick, giving it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars, someone wrote to his paper saying How can you possibly like that? It's artless garbage! And Appelo replied Yes, and as artless garbage goes, it's the top of the heap!

("Artless Garbage" needs to be an anti-rock band name.)
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Me 1

Don't worry, I've already slapped myself.

I just heard that Lisa Loeb did a children's record called Camp Lisa.

"I'd like to camp in Camp Lisa," I said.

That's not the only way I've been naughty this morning! First slipjig posted (in this entry) a list:
Top 13 Things That Should Never Be Used in an Erotic Scenario

1) hummus
2) glue
3) Daleks
4) window glass
5) sardines
6) wicker
7) poison ivy
8) Charles Nelson Reilly
9) Time-Life infomercials
10) the Hulk
11) rickrolls
12) tax exemptions
13) hydrochloric acid
To which antsswarm replied
You HAVE to run a contest... NO, TWO! Where people write short love scenes with all those thing included.

Contest one: use all 13 items, make it funny.
Contest two: use all 13 items, make it legitimately sexy...
To which I replied
The Aristocrats!
(Explanatory page here.)
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I find odd ways to be silly.

In my first spate of film reviews for the Hermiston Herald, the reviews I was doing Fall 1997, I briefly included quick descriptions of why a film was rated what it was rated. I couldn't do it straight, though. My description for the movie Seven Years In Tibet was
rated PG-13 for blood, devastation, death, war, and horror
which was A) true, B) a Monty Python reference, and C) a sign that I wasn't taking that seriously, so I should stop it...

An hour well spent

Hi. I'm back from an hour's break: a shower, a couple of errands on foot, quick shopping, some non-Blogathon reading (books: portable!), and at least one good thing I won't tell you about. ;-)

So that's why there was an hour bereft of Chris comments.

I'll probably go out again later tonight, to the 24-hour coffee shop about 10 blocks north of me. (Fireside Coffee Lodge. Nice place.)
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Voice Post: Caffeinated Man Walking

310K 1:38
“Here is a voice message…letting you guys know that I’m still, that I am still here. Took a break for a bit, went for a walk, a few circuits of the park, some of the blocks near my place, and back… Enjoying the sight of my old, dead car NOT being where I had to park it for a couple of months, because it’s been sent off to the donation place. And that feels like an accomplishment, because it is. Anyway, I’m going to settle in for the next several hours of reading along with a lot of people’s Blogathon entries. More than halfway there now. And I’ve gotten caffeine into me, to be ready for that. Trivia, by the way: when the early formulators of Coca-Cola, as I understand it, determined that the ideal amount of Coca-Cola to drink was 8 ounces. So I don’t know what those guys would say about the GoogolGulp or whatever the largest size you can get at 7-Eleven is now. But, that does seem like a good amount. I had a can of Pepsi, 12 ounces, and that might be enough.”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh
Blow My Mind

Have Metallica, Will Travel

Time for the big guns when it comes to keeping engaged, now that Blogathon's in its -- let's see -- 15th (approaching 16th) hour. S&M: Metallica with Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra is on my stereo.

I also have the History Channel's Dark Knight-themed special playing in the background.

Okay, ready for more reading!
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Drifty was NOT a dwarf

The day might be catching up to me. And I'm three hours behind the people I'm reading in Blogathon. I'll see how long I can stay up. Sunday I'm taking it easy. They'll be taking it verrrrrrrrrry easy.

I decided to stay put, and not take advantage of the Fireside being open 24 hours (still a relatively rare thing in Portland). Didn't feel like taking the walk.

Life simplifies when you're sleep-deprived. Thoughts get simpler, to avoid the risk of getting too complicated for tired minds. It's not the time to be pondering politics or existentialism or Man's Crisis of Identity in the Early Part of the 21st Century. The Blogathonners and I are not to the "Fire Bad, Hugs Good" stage of sleep-dep. It'd be interesting, though, if we did.

What simple thoughts can I think right now?