July 30th, 2008

Whale fluke

The Life of Leonard Rosenman Part Five: Lord of the Rotoscopings

Film Score Monthly again delivers quotes from Leonard Rosenman discussing his composing career. Part Five covers his late-70s work, especially the challenge of scoring Ralph Bakshi's bizarre rotoscoped version of The Lord of the Rings:
I scored a lot of the picture to either line drawings or the live-action footage. It was extraordinary! I was on the set one day to see Ralph, and I was surrounded by 150 midgets. I felt like Gulliver. They were all dressed in costume and I thought, "My God! Why didn't he shoot it live with those people?" They looked wonderful. I really don't think the animation worked. Frodo was just awful, like some strange character drawn and pasted on the walls. He had no shadow!

[The script] was marvelous. It was simple, but the film came out very confusing, not because of the subplots, but because Ralph Bakshi didn't have any story sense. All he was interested in was the violence. That's the problem with all his films.
Whale fluke

Three weeks. Whoa.

Three weeks from now, I'll be headed to 3Pi-Con.

I'm actually going. Not too long from now, really.

Never mind me. I'm getting verklempt having a moment.

See a lot of you there...
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