August 1st, 2008

Me 1

"I am your mother," Necessity said to Invention

Need: a snacky something before leaving for the Bagdad and the proceedings preceding the Cort and Fatboy screening of Super Troopers.

First Plan: a sandwich. Not too much: a large slice of sourdough sliced in two to make half a sandwich.

Impediment to First Plan: Bread? Moldy. Shoot. It was tasty bread.

Second Plan/Solution to Impediment: wrapping the sandwich makings -- sliced meat, mustard and Tabasco mayo -- in large Romaine lettuce leaf.

Stomach: Satisfied. "You live for now," it says...

(Next: Caffeine! Courtesy Viso Vigor...)
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    Gorillaz, "All Alone"
Whale fluke

Working on the poetry thing

As a writing exercise, I've been writing poems. The poems so far, for the most part, have
Evanescent phosphorescence glow-ifies the world.
(Really. That seemed to require just one line.)

I'll see what else comes out of me poetically.
Me 1

Fun with truncated headlines

Headline seen just now on my Gmail's news feed: People Magazine gets Pitt-Jolie baby.

Lose the last word ("photos") and so much changes...

That's like the headline I once saw that used a slightly too big font for the alloted space, turning U.S. banks wrestle with Argentine debt into U.S. banks wrestle with Argentine deb.