August 2nd, 2008


"You mean Shenanigans?!"

They (at least some of They) say that Super Troopers is a film that worms into your brain and makes you think about it again and again and that it kind of grows in your head like the enter-through-the-ear bugs in Wrath of Khan until it takes over your mind and you have inexplicable cravings for pot and moustaches and Schlitz and German accents and maple syrup straight from the bottle.

So maybe I should write a review of Super Troopers in two weeks, when the worming is fully wormed. Or something. But for now, I can say that I laughed. (I laughed until I stopped!) I also heard eye-widening stories beforehand from Dave Walker, Mike Russell and his "lovely Italian peasant bride" Gina, and our gracious (and drunk) hosts Cort and Fatboy, doing their monthly broadcasting-live-from-the-Bagdad gig. Some of the stories are too horrifying to repeat. Like, um, that one that I can't say and, er, that other one I can't say, oh, and that one...
Whale fluke

Rock ponderin'

Question prompted by a discussion of the game Guitar Hero:

Has there ever been a rock song called "Guitar Hero"? There should! (I can hear it as an '80s power ballad. PLEASE make me hear it as something else...)
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