August 28th, 2008


Locked Thoughts (now unlocked)

Apparently various members of my F-List will be happy to know that I've finally heard and appreciated the Great Big Sea song "Mari-Mac." And female members of my F-List probably hear and appreciate Great Big Sea performing "Mari-Mac"...because the guys are clearly good with their tongues...

Members of my F-List (likely most of the same ones) will also appreciate that I just saw Secretary for the first time. Compelling: makes me want to read the original short story. I said to slipjig and rafaela that I "got" the mood more than I "got" the plot (I felt that I had missed things in the film's story). That mood -- beyond my increased appreciation of the gorgeousness of Maggie Gyllenhaal -- really made me think of one particular issue. The people in Lee's life (I thought) are seeing Lee's issues in a "how does this affect me and my worldview?" way; they're seeing it through their filters, not making any effort to see it through Lee's filters. That's really obvious in both her sex with her boyfriend and the montage of the different people at the desk. Spader's character, at least, even with his own clearly major issues, ultimately does try to see her in a way that understands her. Adam and Anna said they feel the film is similar to The Piano in that regard: how do two people manage to communicate this very specific, personal thing to each other? Back to that boyfriend sex: part of me wishes that the boyfriend had made a stronger effort to at least try. I'd like to think I'd be working harder to figure out my partner and her needs. Talking about the sex: good idea. Needed idea. It would show me that what Lee needs is not something I could likely give her, but at least it would provide the chance to see whether or not that's true.

Late-night thoughts. I'll see how these thoughts look in the morning. I hope they still make sense.
Whale fluke

Burlington, VT

Impressions of the corner of Vermont I visited Wednesday with slipjig and rafaela:

* I could better appreciate that I live in the Pacific Northwest, a more spread-out portion of the country than New England. I got a vague sense of a reduced country as we traveled through Upstate New York to a ferry across Lake Champlain: the homes, the roads, the parking spaces, the ferries, even the mountains are generally smaller here than what I'm used to.

* The Burlington area (mayhap the rest of Vermont?) has very precise, plentiful directional signs...

* There are already vague hints of the start of changing color in the trees, trees and more trees lining I-87, our route north to Lake Champlain. A month from now that'll be in exuberant-fall-color mode.

* Ah, the start of a freeway. I-189 (a spur between Rt. 7, the road we used, and I-89) comes to an end visible from Rt. 7's overpass. Pavement stops being marked and it curves away into the undergrowth. I'm enough of a map dork to like seeing where major roads begin and end.

* Ferries remain a truly civilized way to commute. (I've felt this before.)

* Me like meat. The three of us had a special lunch at Ri Ra, an Irish pub on the Church Street pedestrian walk. Burgers for half-price is a great deal when, like this time, they're great burgers. My great burger was (avert your eyes, terri_osborne) a rare "Black and Blue Burger" with bleu cheese along with sauteed onions.

* I almost bought a souvenir shirt the Ri Ra sells, but decided the "I'm Irish" written on it was too on-the-nose. The reason I almost bought it? It also says "Pogue Mahone"...which, as I'd forgotten until being reminded, means "Kiss my ass"...

* We managed not to stop at Ben & Jerry's (let alone a drive-thru Ben & Jerry's), but we did have ice-cream cones once we were back in Glens Falls. I also was able to help the trip by driving for part of it while slipjig rested. I've been useful again!

* We had a good road trip. Cute town, Burlington is.
Me 1


Better sleep. Cats are calm. No being-awakened-by-rampages this morning.

This is likely to be a boring entry. We're allowed occasional boring entries.

Today I'll start figuring out where do I go from here...which is the way that's clear... In other words, I'll work on where else I'll go while I'm on the East Coast. I plan to head home next week.

I'm usually not this vague about stuff. But don't worry, I won't go so vague that this journal would turn into me saying "Bunnies...butterflies...bouncy bunnies...pretty butterflies..." over and over.
Whale fluke

ATTENTION BOSTON-AREA FRIENDS: I need help with Boston travel

This Sunday afternoon, I'll get a ride from slipjig and rafaela to the Albany Amtrak station, and take a train directly to the South Boston station. I want to visit Boston and Salem (including octoberland) for a few days before heading home, probably on or around Wednesday the 3rd.

If I can swing it, I hope not to rent a car for the final part of this trip. (Expense + driving in Boston = DO NOT WANT something I'd prefer not to do.)

So I need to figure out who I can stay with and who may be able to provide rides. I'll get into the Boston train station late (about 9:45 p.m. according to the schedule). shadesong and yendi, would you be willing and able to let me stay at your house again that night? You're about nine miles from the train station; I could take a cab to your place.

If that won't work, I'll figure out something else.

I also see train and boat options for getting from Boston to Salem to see octoberland in her natural environment, and that's a part of the trip I really hope to do. Jen, would there be room for me to crash at your place early next week?

I'll firm up plans later. To quote Henry Jones, Jr., "I'm making it up as I go along." Thanks for everyone's help so far in making my trip happen. Now to finish it, then go home and figure out what's next.