August 29th, 2008

Whale fluke

Happy birthday, zarhooie!

To celebrate the birthday now of Katherine Toomajian
Who's 21 as of today, a really fun year's age-ian
We'll sing and dance and frolic hard, causing party poopers' rage-ian
And note the lady's coolness, so great it can't be gauged-ian!

Happy birthday, Kat. I'm glad I know you. Travel well.
Good Omens

Post-Apocalyptic Sidewalk

I haven't walked as much here as I usually do. This evening I made sure to do it, borrowing rafaela's keys so I could get back into the apartment building. She and slipjig live in a converted junior high. There's plenty of parking, an actual parking lot. The north-ish side of the lot (my usual sense of direction is a little borked right now; I don't feel like being exact) runs along a one-way street, sidewalks on both sides. The one across the street is more recent, and well-maintained; the one on the school side was probably installed when the school was built. It looks it. Weed-cracked and anthill-friendly.

Post-apocalyptic sidewalk, I thought. That's the first time that line's ever been thought, I added. But I'd think thoughts like that even if I hadn't just re-read The Stand. Weakness for stories about the end of the world as we know it; you understand.

I did a basic square route north of the apartment building. I was amused by a closed convenience store with the sign "Convenient Store." Not anymore. It might be convenient if the apocalypse happened and you need to hide from the zombie hordes, but the supplies inside are NOT GONNA BE ENOUGH.

Not to say that Glens Falls makes me think of the apocalypse. But it is quiet, quieter than Portland. I think I forgot smaller-town life. Hermiston, Oregon had desert sounds around it, so it has an ambience, a sound, one made of wind and tumbleweeds. Less so here. Tumbleweeds would be a BAD sign here.