August 31st, 2008



The final part of this vacation starts today: slipjig and rafaela will drive me to the Albany, NY Amtrak station, and I'll take the direct train to Boston.

I'll get into Boston late -- scheduled for 9:45 tonight -- and find some place to crash. Probably a hotel/motel for the first time on this trip. Monday, I should get to Salem, and hang out with octoberland. I'm now planning to fly home Tuesday instead of Wednesday; I'll let you know what I decide.

I feel subdued: partly because I'm still waking up, but largely out of concern for the people and animals I know in and around New Orleans, as Hurricane Gustav glowers at such a huge stretch of the Gulf Coast. (Yes, I'm anthropomorphizing a hurricane. Seemed appropriate, even for a force of nature.) The best I can say: you're in my thoughts, Doc and Chris and your pets. And I'll do what I can to hope for others down there, the people I'm not acquainted with.

In the meantime, wake up, Chris Walsh. It's possible.