September 4th, 2008

Whale fluke

*Tilt* guess Morrissey's "Every Day Is Like Sunday" could be used to refer to football...though I'm pretty sure that's not what Morrissey meant when he wrote the song...

(Erm, an NFL commercial on tonight's opener used that song. I was...surprised.)

Meanwhile, not a bad start. Both teams did some gutsy moves, both teams did some "Huh?" moves, the Washington Redskins at least kept from losing in a blowout, and NBC kept its "heeeeey look at usssssssss" histrionics to a minimum because tonight was about starting the NFL season, not so much about selling NBC's current version of NFL coverage, which I think is still more about very loud sizzle than steak. (I find myself humming the much gentler Randy Edelman "NFL on NBC" theme he wrote in the mid-90s, not long after he scored Gettysburg. Somehow the John Williams fanfare manages to be annoyingly catchy, as in "I don't want it to be catchy!" catchy. Makes me wish the new "NFL on NBC" theme could've been something more offbeat by Jerry Goldsmith. Which is slightly impossible as Goldsmith died before NBC got the NFL back. (Sometimes even I wonder why I think things like that.))
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Goatee sacrifice

See my Van Dyke? There, in the icon? Good. Remember it.

I'm shaving it.

Two reasons. One is, I decided to get clean-shaven for the post-Pi-Con-trip job hunt: you know, look more presentable. I can always grow it back later.

The second, more immediate reason is: tomorrow, for the first time in my life I'm going to have just a mustache.

Just for one night, you see, then I'll shave it off.

Why? Because tomorrow night, that one night I'm talking about, Cort and Fatboy show Smokey and the Bandit at the Bagdad. Anyone with a mustache gets in free. (And to facilitate this, Cort and Fatboy put a downloadable mustache for print-out on their website.)

I expect to look AWFUL with a mustache. At best, I'll look like the creepy guy Matthew McConaghy plays in Dazed and Confused. But hey, one night, and it means FREE FILM.