September 9th, 2008

iAm iSaid

Happy Birthday, puppetmaker40

Time to celebrate (almost rhythmically! Almost musically!) the birthday of Kathleen David, a.k.a. puppetmaker40:

Enthused and amused and fandom-infused
Your puppets, lined up, stretch from home to Syracuse
People listen on stage when you give them their cues
You edit and write ’til the words are well-used
Books, if they’re good, you’ve often perused;
Of web-based confusion, you have disabused;
So keep being creative, and keep being a Muse
Any forced rhymes in here? I hope I’ll be excused.

Enjoy your day! And enjoy your family!

P.S. I briefly considered filking Tom Jones’s “With These Hands” – “With these hands, you make Puppet-Fu…” – but that didn’t get past the “briefly” stage.
Blow My Mind

Sometimes *I* don't know what I mean.

One of my many pop-culture crushes is on singer Regina Spektor. A line occurred to me about her, and I'm not even completely sure what it means, but it keeps rattling around in my brainmeats:
Regina Spektor: Because Russian + Jewish = automatic Goth cred.
Is this an odd thought? I ask as someone who's neither Russian, Jewish, nor Goth.
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Good Omens

Taking the concept of "I'd hit that" WAY too far

Singer and reality TV crush Tiffany (see? My feelings are well documented!) is in the cast of the upcoming Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT.

Even the delicious prospect of someone laying the smackdown on the charisma black hole Dustin "Screech" Diamond (he's on the show, too) isn't enough to make me comfy with this concept.

(Here's what Defamer had to say, profanely, about this show back in June. HOW DID I MISS THIS BACK THEN?)