September 13th, 2008


Sauvie Island still exists

Why not a road trip? Today felt like a road trip day. It felt like that until I got on the road this morning, though, and started getting annoyed with a lot of drivers and a lot of bad driver behavior. I finally told myself Dude, don't let other people's bad driving habits make you drive badly.

A fortunate break after that spate of bad driving was stopping at coffeeinhell's house, visiting her and LJ-less Patrick. I dropped off some Caitlin R. Kiernan books that I thought she'd like; she let me have a box of "seconds" of her Polidori Chocolates. She warned me that the chocolates weren't "pretty" -- they were returned undeliverable, and had gotten banged around in the mail -- but hey, food doesn't have to look good to taste good. (I think of my family's lentil soup and remember that.) Soon I'll sample her chocolate concoctions. People I trust have reeeeeeeeally liked them.

After that, I crossed the St. John's Bridge and tooted my automotive way up Hwy. 30 to the new Sauvie Island Bridge (and a snazzy bridge it is) to get to Kruger's Farm on the southern end of the island. I like the place; I did some shopping, plus some wandering around among sunflower rows and tractor tracks with some watching of large planes leaving PDX. I had roasted corn on the cob for a snack. After that, I drove a basic loop around the island's southern end, stopping briefly at the Pumpkin Patch (home of an annual corn maze), visited some animals that were relaxing in a comfortable barn, then drove home a little more relaxed. I think I was driving better on the way home.