September 22nd, 2008

Blow My Mind

My subconscious makes TERRIBLE puns.

Last night's dream imagery didn't include just skyscrapers, balloons just outside those skyscrapers, a kind-of-freaky revised version of the OHSU campus with an area that seemed like a fancy restaurant designed like the Guggenhiem, and that blue mood lighting like what you see in James Cameron flicks.

It also had Gil Grissom. With gills.
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    Pre-game Monday Night Football (Jets at Chargers)
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Time for some pop-cultural ponderin'

* I say this as someone who's enjoyed a lot of Jerry Seinfeld's work: Whoa, attempted Seinfeld parodies are almost always terrible.

We've been subjected on the radio to a commercial that's meant to sound like a Seinfeld-and-Kramer scene, and I have to turn off the radio due to its awfulness. (It's almost all screaming, which was only part of the show.) His is a comedy style that's much harder to pull off than it looks. And it's so specific that a parody getting something wrong really gets it wrong. In Seinfeld-speak, "yadda yadda yadda" has a specific meaning, and I remember another radio commercial with a Seinfeld-like comic using "yadda yadda yadda" in a way Seinfeld never did. (But I'm one of those weirdos who hears the term "Plan B," and thinks not of the usual meaning but the more particular meaning on David E. Kelley's The Practice+. Sweet yodeling Jesus, why do I remember this stuff?)

(And hi, kradical, who's very much not a Seinfeld fan: I saw the Seinfeld edition of "Scene It?" and thought That'd be a good gag gift for Keith! No, I won't act on that.)

So parodying Seinfeld is a good way to get me not to listen to your ad or consider your product. I'm just sayin'.

* The Jets' opening drive just now just happened, and the Jets' line seemed to get knocked backward, not just stopped. Reminded me of what happens to the Excelsior at the start of Star Trek VI. I don't normally see starships get slapped back...

* How wrong is this picture?

* This weekend I saw maybe the only Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode I thought was bad, Season 4's "Where the Wild Things Are." It felt clunky and as if it didn't have enough story for the whole 45 minutes. And the show's view of religion is usually more nuanced than it was that time.

* Fall hit Portland yesterday, a day early. The temperatures and sky colors became fall-like suddenly. Good timing, what with the fall equinox happening today.

I'm ready for fall.

Added! The Jets-Chargers game is fun. Sloppy as hell so far, but fun. (That's my feeling at 6:29 p.m. Pacific. I hope I'm still enjoying it later.)

At last the 6:41 edit: I saw jerseys for the Chargers' Shawne Merriman and wanted to say his name like the theme to The Middleman. "Merriman!"
+ "Plan B" on The Practice described the law firm's tendency to smear their opponents' clients: maybe they did the awful things our client is accused of!