September 30th, 2008

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Trills make me trill...

quirkybird (real-life name Dylan Meconis, creator of the online comic Family Man and all-around worthy person) is asking people what Star Trek alien they'd like to be.

I like my response+:
Trill. Lifetimes' experience plus young bodies equals WIN.

Not the Romulans. Their taste in food and slaves sucks.

I'd say my backup choice were I unable to be Trill would be Bajoran. Rugged and resourceful.
And I love that someone brought up the Horta...
+ Links added for my non-Trek-fan readers
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Aircraft carriers make everything better.

Miscellany time again:

* Last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles included an aircraft carrier. (So that's how carriers are used in the post-nuclear future...) I always perk up at the sight of aircraft carriers. Probably because no one on an aircraft carrier's ever fired at me.

Summer Glau emoting is a quick way to my heart. She got to emote in this episode, as the captured woman that the "Cameron" terminator was modeled after. (Is it a flashback or flash-forward when we see parts of the future that, in Sarah Connor chronology, have already happened?) I hope in real life Glau is happy and well-adjusted, and is just good at playing "emotionally troubled" (like River Tam) or "emotionally distant" (like Cameron). I definitely get a "wanting to hug her and protect her and help her make things OK" feeling from her characters. So my feelings go beyond appreciating how beautiful she is.

* I've gotten too wrapped up in worrying about the giant economic news, which is a real potential paralyzer. I wasn't productive enough yesterday because of worrying about that. So today I'm going to be selfish in a needed way and not listen to news radio or much other media until later (maybe when Cort and Fatboy are on). I need to figure out work stuff. I'm really looking forward to telling y'all when I'm working again...

* I've started reading Tigerheart, Peter David's alt-Peter Pan, and I'm enjoying it. In my mind the narration is in the voice of Jim Dale, the narrator of Pushing Daisies and the voice on the Harry Potter audiobooks.

I'd say (correct me if I'm wrong, puppetmaker40!) that David well remembers the whole being-a-child thing, which a lot of adults don't. So far he's well-captured the matter-of-fact way kids can accept what goes on in their lives, while also having the hard-won perspective of adulthood...perspective he can present in the bemused way of that narration. Which still sounds like Jim Dale to me. (Correct me if I'm wrong less correct, puppetmaker40!)

* Next on my reading list: Geek Love by Portland's Katherine Dunn. I've meant for years to read it; it's likely to be the first book discussed in specficbooks, the reading community my friend octoberland started. Thanks for the excuse, Jen!
Whale fluke

The world without us: Asia edition

Via shadesong a few days ago: Seven abandoned places, from structures to entire cities, in Asia. Wow. Hits my post-apocalyptic fetish, especially the San Zhi "Pod City" of Taiwan. And I've linked more than once to that scary North Korean mega-hotel that sits uncompleted in Pyongyang. The main photo of it is clearly photoshopped, but the others are of the actual structure.

Note to octoberland: One of them is an abandoned amusement park, in South Korea.