October 7th, 2008

Whale fluke

"The Ambition of the Short Story"

Thanks for the link, shadesong: author Steven Millhauser's essay "The Ambition of the Short Story" and exactly how different the novel and the short story are:
So much for the short story. Modest in its pretensions, shyly proud of its petite virtues, a trifle anxious in relation to its brash rival, it contents itself with sitting back and letting the novel take on the big world. And yet, and yet. That modest pose — am I mistaken, or is it a little overdone? Those glancing-away looks — do they contain a touch of slyness? Can it be that the little short story dares to have ambitions of its own? If so, it will never admit them openly, because of a sharp instinct for self-protection, a long habit of secrecy bred by oppression. In a world ruled by swaggering novels, smallness has learned to make its way cautiously. We will have to intuit its secret.
Read the whole thing (it won't take long).
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Album humor!

94.7 Alternative Portland, one of the stations I like, is counting back the top 94 alternative albums of all time, as determined by a vote of about 12,000 people.

I was taking the list less-than-seriously even before I found that Blue October's first album was higher in the countdown than Nirvana's In Utero.+ Let me put it this way: the day the countdown started, and DJ and good guy Greg Glover said the first album would be revealed after the next commercial, I e-mailed "Oo! Oo! Is it Metal Machine Music?"
+ I don't "get" Blue October.
iAm iSaid

Still registered

I was 95% sure. Now I'm 100% sure, because while I was out today I stopped at County Elections, and:

Yep. I'm registered, I'll get a ballot (to the right address), and I'll get to vote.

Oregon's registration deadline is next Tuesday, 10/14. Need a reminder of when your state's deadline is? Choose your state on this page. Google is probably your friend, too.

In other news, I had a caramel apple sundae at Burgerville. Not bad. (This journal's often a mix of the weighty and the light like that.)