October 8th, 2008


Odd dreams, cold morning

Moody-manic night of dreams. But the dreams now let me know what Jack Bauer was up to on 9/11...

In nicer dream news, I ate good dream pizza.


The season change is hitting me -- I think harder than usual.

Here's something that sometimes happens in winter: I'll take my very warm shower in the morning (very warm showers are one of the great luxuries of my life) but I seem to be preemptively feeling the morning's cold at the same time. It's as if I'm thinking this is the warmest I'll be today. It can be a moody moment, a wanting-to-curl-up-in-flannel-bedsheets-again moment -- no, I haven't put the flannel sheets on the bed yet -- but I guess it could also be a steeling moment, a preparing-for-the-day moment. Still, it happened yesterday and this morning, and it doesn't usually happen this early, only a few weeks into fall. I'd first felt it in the depths of my first Northern Virginia winter, probably in December 1984. I'd been used to the not-too-cold winters of Virginia Beach and the almost-not-winters of Southern California; maybe the season was destined to hit me hard that year. I'd be a lousy Midwesterner.

My ability to deal with cold notwithstanding, I'd prefer to be warm.

So I'll hope that I'm past the wanting-to-go-to-bed moment and am in the steeling-for-the-day period.


In nicer news, yendi has a link and thoughts about the new "Weird Al" Yankovic song that's now online. (Here's the direct YouTube link.)

The End of "Opus"

With Bloom County on my mind lately -- I'd forgotten that Berkeley Breathed won a Pulitzer for editorial cartooning with that strip in the Eighties -- I've been following the strip Opus and noticing an impending finality to it. Not surprised to hear this, then:

Opus creator to retire from comic strips

From the piece:
This time, Breathed says, the ending is really for good, if not his own. Breathed believes the tone of America’s public and political discourse is headed in a dark direction, with the next president — whoever is elected — facing problems that will “belie palatable solutions.” Inevitably, he said that would color his art.

“I’m destroying the village to save it. In this case, a penguin,” Breathed wrote. “ ... We are about to enter a rather wicked period in our National Discourse ... bad enough to make what we’re in right now seem folksy and genteel. The ranting side of my cartooning impulse will destroy the thing that makes Opus comfortable for his readers. And me.”

“A mad penguin, like a mad cartoonist, isn’t very lovable. I like him the way he is now,” he wrote.
Opus will end on Sunday, Nov. 2nd. The Sunday, Oct. 12th strip will invite readers to guess his fate. I'm guessing it'll be a gentle exit.
Blow My Mind

The Net needs a jaw-drop emoticon!

Don't ask why, but today I realized the need for a jaw-drop emoticon.

I came up with


I tried 8(), but decided that looked too much like a frog.

There is D: but I decided that's too emotionally loaded. 8-() has that wide-eyed quality you get with O.o (and its twin o.O), plus it has a stunned quality I like.

My apologies to any of my readers who have NO FRICKIN' CLUE WHAT THE HECK I'M GOING ON ABOUT. (Maybe this page on emoticons will provide sufficient context...)