October 19th, 2008

Me 1

"You could get a desk job! Y'know, be a desk."

I've said before that I'm not a 100% fan of Family Guy, but when that show is on, it is ON.

This thought brought to you by my roaring repeatedly this weekend at the third season's "Ready, Willing, and Disabled." The ALS guy talking trash through his voice synthesizer; Cleveland and Quagmire getting away from Joe's crying jag; the sprinters afraid of yellow tape; Bea Arthur as Peter; the secret origin of the Evil Monkey; Peter's chin; "Coming up next, the benefit of conveniently placed news reports"; and more!

Roaring repeatedly is a good sign, unless, of course, you're watching the end of Old Yeller...
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Whale fluke

ATTN Portlanders: Dawn and Patrick rescue a pit bull in SE

Today Dawn (coffeeinhell) and Patrick found and picked up an unattended female brindle pit bull in SE Portland (at 64th and Flavel). No microchip or tag on her, but she looks healthy and cared for. They've taken her home and are looking after her for now.

Dawn's posted notices here (on petbulls), on CraigsList, the Oregon Humane Society website, and Multnomah County Animal Control. A picture's included.

Anyone missing a dog?