October 21st, 2008



Apparently my dream last night was called Zach and Miri Make a Video Game.

Forget porno; that's likely where the money is.
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I want to be a bandit, can't you understand it? Sailing the sea is life for me. Is life for me.

Via popfiend:

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Is the naval officer who ruthlessly pursues your shipcrystalsage
Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on grogpuppetmaker40
Is currently in Davy Jones's lockerlbitw
The amount of money you make as a pirate$20,483
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Emo Chris Is Emo

I wound up moody this afternoon. I know a couple of the reasons why; maybe I'll figure out more, and then work my way past whatever issues all those involve, but for now I could use laughing. And maybe popcorn.

I can take care of the possible popcorn later. Meanwhile, I'll read a book. Read a book. Read a motherfucking book.

(Mom and Dad, you know I love you, and because of that I'll ask you, DON'T CLICK ON THAT. (Click on this instead.) But it made me laugh. And the laugh's courtesy of New Orleans's own docbrite. Thanks, Poppy!)

Y'all have deep, dark secrets, y'all!

Thanks to popfiend:

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What is your favorite color?
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Can you feel the love tonight?
Is really a cyborghappyspector
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