October 22nd, 2008


It's a s00j concert! And it's confirmed!

S.J. "s00j" Tucker will, indeed, be doing a house concert in Portland on Nov. 1st. Woo hoo!

Details from Sooj's site:
Saturday November 01, 2008 — potluck at 6:30pm, concert at 7:30pm
All Saints House Concert
Hosted by Nicole and Dwight
195 NW 95th St
Portland, OR 97229

Please call for RSVP and directions.
The house has only 30 seats available, and using Google Maps can be tricky.
$10-$15 donation, please.
Drinks and dessert after the show - bring one or both to share.
Fear not, I won't RSVP at 6:30 in the frickin' morning. I'm caring, y'know.
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Good Omens

A different kind of good music news

Film Score Monthly, for the first time, is not only reissuing an out-of-print FSM CD but making it an unlimited edition: i.e., not limited to 3,000 copies as their other releases are.

The reissue: Ron Grainer's classic score to 1971's The Omega Man, with Charlton Heston as the last man on Earth. (This was the second of three sorta-kinda film adaptations of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, by the way: the first was The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price, and the third was I Am Legend with Will Smith.) The Omega Man was one of FSM's earliest CDs to sell out, and since then CD-R copies of the score started cropping up on eBay, and the FSM guys went all "Ah HELL no!" They also improved the CD quality, so there's extra incentive.
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Happy news: the court dismissed my traffic court citation. It wound up a pretty painless process, once I was at court.

I might send a message to Portland Police thanking the officer who dealt with my case, and thanking him for giving me a chance to do what could be done to make that dismissal more likely.

I bussed back to the office, and called my folks letting them know the good news. And now I can stop fretting and concentrate on being and staying a good driver!

P.S. Because I'm not mean, I didn't call Dad this way: