November 7th, 2008

Whale fluke


What I read in the spam: TAKE HER FROM ANY POSITION

What I think: Administratively?

(By the way, I wonder if the Google programmers deliberately set the spam filters so that the ad links that come up on your Gmail spam page are often recipes for in the meat product. If it is or it isn't, I still find that amusing.

Good Omens

Drinking and Deathcoastering DO mix!

Tonight: Army of Darkness, that's right, Medieval Dead* itself, at the Bagdad Theater Pub. Big screen B-movie insanity as done by Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and special effects dudes who probably masturbated to Ray Harryhausen films.

We'll see the Deathcoaster on the big screen again for the first time since 1993. I saw the flick in a theater when it came out: my college dorm did a special trip to a real dive theater in Springfield, Oregon. We went to a late matinee where the ticket price was the same as the children's price. My ticket (I saved tickets at the time) read
Hey, it makes me laugh.

This is the KUFO/ Cort and Fatboy Late Night Movie for November, which means the usual setup: Cort and Fats broadcasting from the Bagdad lobby from 7 p.m. on, movie reviewing by Mike Russell, comic book reviewing by Aaron Duran, B-movie video reviewing by David Walker, Cajunized tater tots to eat and beer to drink, and me and other geeks hovering nearby grinning. Flick starts at 11, or at least 11-ish, and Fatboy's found something to show before it to add to the insanity. I know no more.

Except that Oregon adoptee Bruce Campbell is a GEEK GOD.

* It's the third film in the Evil Dead series. The first was The Evil Dead, a title Raimi and Co. chose because they thought it was the least lame title they could think up. (Another one was The Evil Dead Men and the Evil Dead Women.) But it wound up being an iconic name and an iconic film, getting a big thumbs up from horror fan Stephen King and influencing Raimi's friends the Coen Brothers, who borrowed some of the rushing-camera shooting techniques for their own films. The second movie is Evil Dead 2, and it's one of the funniest scary movies of the Eighties. And I love its full title: Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn: The Sequel to the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror.
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Good Omens

Important LJ Security Issue

Passed along from crystalsage and hughcasey:
Evidently, the new LJ setup has a weird loophole that enables your locked entries to be found via a search if you have not opted your journal out of searches. And chances are, you have not.

-From the navigation strip, click on Account
-Select "Viewing Options", under Site
-Scroll down past Viewing Options to Additional Privacy Options
-Make sure Search Inclusion IS CHECKED
-Make sure Explore Area Exclusion IS CHECKED

I had one of those two checked; I've now checked both. I don't lock much of my journal, but this is a good precaution.