November 18th, 2008

Me 1

Brain dump post-workday

* I'm back! And we're back, LJ in toto. Miss us?

* Today I took myself out to lunch (bussing up, walking back; way to use my bus pass and those calories!) at the 12th and Powell Subway. I saw -- well, heard -- a rear-ending because a car stopped for the crosswalk signal and the driver behind him didn't stop fast enough. But I heard the sound first, which makes me a lousy witness because I didn't see it, just the aftermath.

* Tonight I'm doing laundry. Tomorrow night I'll buy groceries. This is my level of exciting. I could make this a journal slogan: My blog! It's the interesting kind of boring!

* For some reason this morning I could picture someone I know being (I thought) "emo at a piano."

Emo at a Piano should be a title.


I'm liking the novel Twilight. (Mike researched Twilight and its fandom earlier this year for an article and a comic strip.) I'll have review-y thoughts at some point.
iAm iSaid

Have smashed pumpkins, make pumpkin pie. (Except I don't like pumpkin pie...)

Taking advantage of not being able to go to family Thanksgiving this year:

I'm scheduled to donate blood Thanksgiving morning. True: Red Cross is open that day, same as all Thursdays. I'd wanted to donate Saturday the 22nd, because A) that's my first day I'm eligible to donate again and B) that's the last day of the U of Oregon-Oregon State Civil War Blood Drive, and I wanted my pint to go towards the Ducks! Go Ducks! Go Ducks! Go Ducks!


Saturday's out, though, as it's already fully booked with donors. I'm not the only Duck or Beaver (or Duck and Beaver; I'm sure that happens) with that idea.

(This year family Thanksgiving is happening in Olympia, Washington. Driving there and back in time to work again Friday is not on my Happy List.)