November 21st, 2008


Well, this will keep my ass in pants

Something good: my temp job at TriMet's been extended so I'll work there for most or all of next month. I'm still being useful. And I wasn't relishing trying to get another assignment between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

(It dawned on me: I've never worked short-term temp jobs at the holidays, except for some winter breaks back in college. I've always had a steady job that time of year: the Hermiston Herald, the Vesta call center (they waited to fire me in January 2004), and OHSU, which started as a temp job that was scheduled for several months so it didn't feel like a temp job. And now, at least a few more weeks in TriMet HR.)

So I'll stay useful at the place. Of course, I like being useful. And that also means more earnings during a time when I definitely can use them.