November 23rd, 2008

Me 1

Freaking Sweet

Word combinations don't have to be "cellar door" to be lovely. They can be "Coca-Cola" and "Hecho en Mexico."

Coke with real sugar, the way it's still made in the nation to the south: that was my treat at lunch, thanks to the corner market having it in stock. Sweet-Tooth Me approves.

In other news, nicely done, Jets, even though I'd've felt better about Tennessee having a perfect regular season record than New England having its perfect regular season record. (Yes, that 18-1 record was also freakin' sweet. LOSS WHEN IT COUNTS, DUDES! Y'know, I think the Pats are becoming what the Dallas Cowboys used to be for me...) Still, you guys fought well for your win.
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    Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks
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