November 24th, 2008


Some gnome's hoarding LJ notifications or something

Hey, guys: How many LJ notifications are you actually getting? I've gotten one this weekend, and I know I've been replied to more often than that. (I'm obsessive-compulsive enough to check back on my own messages to see if someone's replied.)

I could of course set each post I reply to for Tracking, but I'd prefer not to. (See? I'm looking at options!)

I've been LJ'ing

Good morning, everyone...

My stuff-done this weekend includes several entries I'd like to link to, so if you didn't read LJ this weekend you can read them now!

On Friday:
I shared good-for-me work news.

On Saturday:
I acknowledged my ability to think, and write, weird thoughts, while also talking about why I write what I write. (I'm proud of this entry.) I then demonstrated my weird-thought ability.

I linked to a picture (this one!) of a dress made of old floppy disc inserts. Cool. And worn by a cool, fun DJ, too (I like Tara).

I shared my Thanksgiving plans. My Thanksgiving eating is now accounted for (thanks in advance, Rheinlander!).

On Sunday:
I geeked out over a sugary sweet beverage made by a company that used to indirectly employ yendi (hi, yendi!).

I shared my thoughts on the novel Twilight. And then I shared cleolinda's parody of the movie Twilight, "Twilight in Fifteen Minutes."

And is today. (Sounds like a Smashing Pumpkins lyric.) Good morning!