December 16th, 2008

Whale fluke

An e-mail request

For the time being, please e-mail me not at my msn address, but at
d00d.srsly AT gmail DOT com
It looks like one particular (and big) e-mail someone sent me yesterday at my msn address is somehow gumming up the works, making the program act like my internet connection's been disconnected. In other words, something's stuck and I can't receive ANYTHING at my msn address.

I don't have the time right now to reach Microsoft and try to correct this, so I'm going to my back-up.

(Once again I thank zarhooie for giving me that gmail address in the first place!)
Me 1

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: Day 10

I'm happy I got out to errands after work tonight and got home with no problem, in fact reaching two of my needed bus stops very soon (once less than a minute) before each bus showed up. My bus luck tonight was good. And I got errands done that, with our snow and freezing rain on the way, may have had to wait until next week otherwise.

And I'm happy, again, that I'm home and warm, whatever tomorrow's weather brings. The reports make it sound like it may actually rain comets or something else big, but I'll deal with those when they come!

Happy stuff o' mine on Sunday 12/7, Monday 12/8, Tuesday 12/9, Wednesday 12/10, Thursday 12/11, Friday 12/12, Saturday 12/13, Sunday 12/14, and Monday 12/15. Whoa. I'm being thorough...

Further happy: I'm also happy to read that apocalypsos's younger brother is wise. Listen:
Jewelry is what you give a girl when you give up. Like, "Fine, I admit it. I don't pay attention to your hobbies, your favorite TV shows, movies, or music, what kind of books you might like, how you dress, what you like to eat, what you do in your spare time, where you might like to go on vacation, what your house looks like on the inside, or anything about you in general other than that you're a woman. So here, have a diamond."