December 19th, 2008


COULD be nominated: Movie songs and special effects

This week's news round-up over at Film Score Monthly includes the short list of the songs from which the Best Original Song Oscar nominees will be chosen. And that list includes a slew of songs from High School Musical 3: Senior Year, three of the new songs from Repo! The Genetic Opera, and (rafaela, you'll cheer) "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" from Hamlet 2. The short list:

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The same column also reprints the short list of films that can be nominated for Best Special Effects:

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Singing! (coyotegoth's birthday)

This time, I feel a little like Dylan:

coyotegoth ain't absentee
One mustn't search from the tip to the lee
Of New York, the home of this Coyote
Who's on foot or bike, not on chimpanzee
(Though he'd likely not mind being schlepped by Amy Lee)
And he'll dazzle all in the
With juggling, laser-eyes, and quick repartee
Or tell stories of his life as Licensed Debauchee
(I'm kidding, sir, really, I hope you won't kill me)
So coyotegoth has gone on a fun-and-games spree
Combining a shindig and a fun jamboree
And interpretive dance by someone holding a SqueeGee
And it'll be fun to a great big degree.

Uh-huh, I was looking for an excuse for a bunch of "eeeeee" rhymes. I hope you don't mind, coyotegoth.

I hope your birthday's been happy. Excuse me: happ-EEEEEEEEEEE...