December 21st, 2008

iAm iSaid

It's time for some Depraved English

I have this fantastic little book called Depraved English: it's Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea's collection of unusual, archaic, and sometimes blisteringly obscene English words. I first read it right after a family funeral. That probably tells you something about my family. Shakespeare would've gotten even more fantastic insults had he had this book. Share, I shall:

callipygian /kal ip EYE gee an/ adj. - Having nicely shaped buttocks

caseate /KAY see ate/ v. - To become cheesy; be subject to caseation

fustigate /FUSS tig ate/ v - To beat with a stick or club

gambrinous /GAM brin us/ adj. - Full of beer

lobcock /LOB cock/ n. - A stupid, clumsy person

pleonexia /plee o NEX ee uh/ n. - Insane greed

sharny /SHAR nee/ adj. - Befouled with dung

...this post is dedicated to the trying-to-get-unstranded shadesong, yendi, and Elayna. They're trying to escape Masschusetts and fly to Florida. Good luck guys! Don't get shrammed! (shram /SHRAM/ v. - to shrivel or become numb from cold)
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