December 27th, 2008

Whale fluke

Post-Christmas post

Today is for resting and recovering.

It's been a long week -- for lovely, good reasons and for some frustrating (but not overwhelmingly so) reasons. I got to bed early last night as the start of recovery.

Christmas was low-key, as hoped. We gave few gifts this year -- my cousins in Dayton gave me a snack-pack, my cousins in Olympia sent me a check, TJ and Cindy over in Virginia sent me a Shadow reprint (stories by Walter B. Gibson (writing as Maxwell Grant) and Alfred Bester, with a Harlan Ellison introduction) and Border's gift money, and Mom and Dad gave me Powell's gift money and a calendar. Being poor right now, I gave my charming personality.

There was also the gift of food. Good food. REALLY good food. (Inspiring this exchange at the table: Me: "Some things should be buttery and some things shouldn't." Dad: "Cheerios shouldn't.")

Christmas Day's temperature hovered close enough to freezing that we nixed a proposed trip to see the film Marley and Me, and we Walshes just cocooned. Yesterday morning my parents and I got in Dad's car and got me home and then to work, and they got back to their home with no problem. Since then, we've been above freezing and rainy: the better for starting to melt this snow (especially the snow on my neighborhood's streets) so I can actually go places using my car.

But, again, today is a resting-and-recovering day. Keep it simple, man. (Which acronymizes as "KISM.")

Spreading the word: Please help s00j

My friend, singer-songwriter S.J. "s00j" Tucker, has a health emergency. She has no health insurance. The needed work to make her healthy again is likely to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Her boyfriend K' Wiley, on LJ as omnisti, explains what's wrong and what's needed at this link:

As K' puts it, "What we need is 1000 people with $25. Do you have $25? Do you know someone who does? If you can't give us money, please tell people who might."

She and he have several ways of raising the money: straight donations, buying her CDs, and subscribing to a podcast feed K' has been setting up that will make live shows of hers available for listening. And please understand that in my humble opinion, she is fantastic live. (Again, there are FAR MORE DETAILS at K's link.)

I've been blessed to have Sooj and K' in my life. I became a fan of hers -- in a genre of music I'm not naturally drawn to -- and over the last couple of years I've become a friend of hers. Her health is a big deal for me. I'll see what I can spare to help her. Meanwhile, the word about her is spreading.

If you can, please help.
I'll close with links to posts I've written about Sooj:

* I first mentioned Sooj here, after my first Sooj house concert: she'd played an "inside the house" yard sale held by our mutual friends, coffeeinhell and her husband Patrick.
* This was my second Sooj house concert.
* And this was my third Sooj house concert. (Gee, ya thnk I like her?)
* Here I predicted that s00j and my friend shadesong would become friends when they met. And oh my yes, they did. \o/
* I saw her again at Dawn's home in January '07. Then I said more about that night's show.
* Here I sent a Care package, including Sooj CDs, to author Caitlin R. Kiernan. (I explain what was in that Care package here.)
* Here's when I saw her play at a bookstore last January. (I fed her at a McMenamin's pub afterward.)
* Here's my birthday song for her earlier this year.
* Her concert with her group Tricky Pixie in July in Portland.
* Why our mutual friend Mia got a Sooj-inspired tattoo.
* Her house concert on Nov. 1st, 2008.

I'm linking because I'm vouching for her. She's a worthy person and she deserves help.

1/4/09 Addition: Not as quickly as I'd first thought I'd do it, but today I donated a small amount towards S.J.'s bills. PayPal is a great invention...